Two of the same

At the beginning of grade 5 I wrote my first paragraph on masks And the hook was great but I have to work on transition words.

This is a paragraph I wrote more recently



Do you think school is boring? Then you need Minecraft in your learning.

 Firstly, Minecraft improves your building skills. This is really helpful for educational projects. For example, if you need to build a mini sooka for homework you could build it on  Minecraft and the building skills that you’ll learn would be very helpful.

Secondly, Minecraft lets your imagination run free. You could do whatever you want, build a mansion, climb a mountain, fish, row a boat and even skydive. Imagination is important to develop as you grow up and help you learn.

 Finally Minecraft lets you explore the world. There is an education pack on the market where you could visit the Nasa Space Station or see DC. Obviously it would be hard to see the world in the pandemic we’re living in ,but Minecraft lets you see new things, and lets you explore different parts of the world without being there physically and still learn about them.

So school doesn’t have to be boring because Minecraft improves your building skills, lets your imagination run free, and lets you explore the world. There’s no need to fear minecraft is here.

I think that paragraph was way better I improved sentence  structure, and I like that the Minecraft paragraph was longer but I still need to improve on getting my ideas out there. Another Thing is that I don’t need to press enter that often and I forgot to put a transaction word at the beginning of the last to paragraphs. These to paragraphs were great but the next one will be even better.


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