Covid has caused people to stay inside, but no longer. Behold the mask!

Masks allow us to go to school, see friends, and wear cool designs. Covid spreads when people are not socially distancing, not wearing a mask would let covid spread like when you pour syrup into your oatmeal.  Masks protect people from spreading germs, and this allows us to meet in person and go to school. It can be lonely learning from home. It is more fun to learn at school with your friends. The mask may be uncomfortable and it may ich but it’s for you, your friends and your families own safety.   

4 thoughts on “masks”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Bruce! I guess we all have had to get used to them and now they aren’t as annoying as they were at first. I also like the cool patterns and colours you can get. Also sometimes if I’m really mad people can’t see my downturned mouth so that is probably for the best! Ha!

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Masks have let us all come back to school. I am so happy that everyone is doing such a great job of wearing masks at the OJCS. Do you have a favourite mask? Have you gotten used to wearing your mask all day? I am happy to say I am used to wearing my mask.

    Keep smiling!
    Mrs. Bennett

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