the dangers of texting well driving

The Dangers Of texting While Driving are so high I don’t even know why people do it. Hello, today we are talking about driving and texting at the same time!


Did you know that every day everyone’s life is in danger because of texting while driving. When you do it you’re not focused on the road so you could easily drive through a red light, or miss your turn, and maybe even get into a car accident. A Lot of texting in the car is done by young adults. “the current study investigated this behavior by looking at patterns of use and driver assessment of the risk of the behavior”(Atchley). Additionally “teens are the most inexperienced drivers out there, and they are also the most addicted to texting”(Soltan).


There are some ways to stop people you know from texting while driving. First of all, if you’re a parent, set a rule so when they’re in the car they have to leave their phone at home because they don’t really know the dangers of it. The second thing you can do is when your friend or you are driving you should ask them for when they’re texting they should pull over. The third thing you can do is suggest that you send messages for your friends so they don’t have to be in the car (Wellskopf). The fourth and final thing you can do to help them is to tell them the fine like in Oregon has the highest penalty for texting and driving. In Oregon the fine goes up to 1000 dollars.(Texting and Driving Laws and Fines by State).


So as tempting as it may be to text while you drive, remember that “Cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year that cause a half million injuries and take 6,000 lives (United States Department of Transportation)” (Dangers). 


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Jaxins universe Book one the cursed sword of strøm



 Esile clashed his sword with Burdick. “Are You ready to end this old friend?” Esile said. “I have been waiting for five hundred years let’s finish this, ” Burdick responded. They fought for seven days straight and on the last day esile concentrated all his power into his sword and drove his sword into the ground creating a great big surge of energy that vanquished Burdick and with 

that, the sword’s power created the universe and as well as the multiverse. But the sword had to take Esiles’s life power to use as energy so after he vanquished Burdick he slowly faded away but with his dying breath, he said when I find someone who is worthy among my bloodline they will become the chosen one, and with that Esile was gon. As for his sword, it went down in history as the sword of strøm and the creator of life, but then again that’s just the legend.


Chapter 1: Wake Up Call




Jaxin you’re going to be late mom yelled. Great another day of suffering and torcher I think to myself. Hi, my name is Jaxin, I’m 12 years old and I’m in middle school. Get downstairs and sit down to eat but right before I could even take a bite I looked at the time and it was eight twenty I freaked. I told my younger brother Mike to give me a bowl of cereal, put the cartoons on fast forward, and give me a milk shower all at once. As Mike poured the carton of milk on me I ate my cereal fast and watched the cartoons on fast forward and then ran out the door. Oh bleep

I’m going to be late, it’s eight thirty-nine and school starts at 8:45. I’m not going to make it, Jaxin thought to himself as he sprinted across people’s lawns. Hi, Mr. Pall, who was watering his plants Jaxin said as he ran past his house. Hello, Jaxin good to see you Mr. Pall responded. Mr. Pall has known me since I was just a baby and we are like family. We spend Christmas, Easter, and even my birthday together. As I run down the street I start to see school, OO Middle or Ottawa Ontario middle. Finally, I get on the last but suddenly the bell rings and the doors start to close. Oh no, if I’m late I’m going to get detention. I wish I was faster and all of a sudden everything starts to slow down and eventually stops. Huh, what’s happening Jaxin thinks to himself. Never mind I gotta get in, and right, as he gets in time, starts to speed up again and Jaxin heads to his locker.


Chapter 2: The Worst Place On Earth 


First, let’s get one thing straight, school is the worst place in the entire world. There are bullies like big Jim who always gives me wedgies and hangs out with his friends at his locker, classes are super hard, and trust me I know all my grades are in the sixties, and it’s super hard to make friends, especially when your weird and like to bugs because no one will listen but its ok bugs are cool. As Jaxin walks into the classroom some kid trips him. Woah oof! Hey, watch it. So what are you going to cry the guy said as Jaxin got up and ran to his seat. As Jaxin sat down he took out his computer and books and started to do his work when all of a sudden, good morning class a voice said. It was Mr. Me. Mr. Me has been our homeroom teacher for years now and has been working here for what we believe his entire life because he’s like 30 and he’s been here for so long. Today we are going to work ooooon, anyone. Rates and ratios. Uuuuuuuugh the class growns except one person Peter Harrington, Peter Harrington was the class know it all and to be honest I kinda envy it because he passes his tests in like 5 minutes and passes with flying colors. I, on the other hand, would be lucky to get a 60 on my tests especially in french because in french I get like twenties and yes it’s out of one hundred. That’s it for today’s class tomorrow we are going to work on unit rates. The class groaned again. As Jaxin started to get up he heard a voice from behind him where’s my lunch money Jaxin it was big Jim. Bleep Jaxin ran out of the room and into the hallway. Get him, he said to his friends. Jaxin ran down the halls so fast that everything was blurred but Big Jim was getting closer. Fred Big Jim’s friend was just about to grab Jaxin as they were running down the hall until Jaxin said I wish I gotta get out of here and just like that Jaxin jumped well running and he closed his eyes, when he landed he opened his eyes and he was right outside his school. How is this possible but just as he said that the doors of the school burst open! It was Big Jim. Now let’s have some fun, he said.


Chapter 3: The Man In The Mist


As Big Jim was Cencicly punching Jaxin he thought to himself about the poem he heard, “Living in fear, day in and day out, “Leave me alone,” I just want to shout. When you call me names like stupid and fool, I don’t understand, why are you so cruel?”(Martine Indroy). When Big Jim was done he took Jaxin’s backpack, grabbed the money from inside, and threw it in the dumpster. Big Jim walked away laughing. Jaxin had a nose bleed and was trying to get up. When he did he walked over to the dumpster to grab his stuff, but when he reached in to grab his stuff he accidentally fell in. grate now what am I supposed to do I’m going to miss my next period. Rrrrriiiiiiinnggg, and now I’m late perfect. This day can’t get any better until out of no ware a bunch of fog started to swarm around Jaxin. In the distance, Jaxin started to see a figure in the mist. As it got closer and closer Jaxin realized that it was an old man walking up to Jaxin. The kid is that you. Do I know you Jaxin responded? The man grabbed Jaxsons shoulders and shook him. Hey man, get off of me. Kid listen you’re about to walk into a lot of danger, run away, get on a boat, get out well you still can. You can’t fight what’s coming, the man said concerned. What are you talking about, what danger, what’s coming, why do I have to run away. I know you have a lot of questions but they all will be answered shortly goodbye Jaxin. Wait go Jaxin pleaded and just like that the man ran off into the mist. Once he was gone the mist cleared and Jaxin ran inside for his next period.

to be continued…


reflection on bar/bat mitzvah

Throughout this term, we learned about bat/bar mitzvahs, tallit, tefillin and so much more. All the things that I learned were so important because it’s important to learn about your culture and their traditions. Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. I learned that after the destruction of the 2nd Temple, the purpose of the tallit changed. This occurred because the Israelites used to sacrifice animals to communicate with G-d and atone for sins they committed. However, once the Temple was destroyed, prayer became an essential part of their lives. Tekhelet is blue threads that you attach to the tallit. It is all so important. What I found interesting is all the ways you use all the different things in our culture and what they all do and mean. 

My Board Game

Hello, this blog post is about a book I read and the board game I made based off of it. 

The book I read is called: The Unexplainable Disappearances Of Mars Patel, by Sheela Chari. The book is about a group of friends, Mars, Caddie, Toothpick, and JP who go on an adventure in search for their friends, Jonas and Aurarah, who go missing. The friends find out that the multi-tech billionaire, Oliver Pruitt has been stealing kids from all over the world and they believe he is holding them at his elite school, Pruitt Prep. The story is not as simple as it seems and this is what makes it a great adventure!

I really enjoyed this book because of the suspense and the twists and turns. I chose to create a board game so that my friends could experience the excitement of the book, but better, because they would be able to go on the journey to the school Pruitt Prep in the game. The board game connects to the book because at every turn of the game, a podcast is read out from the book so the players know where in the adventure they are. At the end of the game you make it to Pruitt Prep.

This game connects to my book in the following ways: it has a podcast at every turn. Just like in the book, whenever there is a big twist, there is a podcast. When you get to the end of the game there is this big building figure Pruitt Prep (I made the entire thing), and on some of the battle cards (to be explained shortly), there are obstacles straight out from the book like drones or sulking.

Here’s how you play my board game: you start off with an introduction that is read, telling you that your friends Jonah and Emily are missing, after that you listen to a podcast from out of the book. Once you are done listening to the podcast you each get your own dice and whoever rolls the highest number goes first. The dice is a standard six sided dice. Depending on what you roll will determine how far you go on the board, but if you land on a square with two boxes filled in it means that you have landed on a battle card square. If you land on a battle square it means you will have to pick up a battle card from the deck. Each card is different, some relate to the story and tell you where to move on the board, depending on what happens on the card, and some make you ‘battle’ it out with your dice. As you make your way through the game at every turn there will be a weird looking box. Everyone must stop at that box, no matter what number is rolled, because there will be another podcast for you to hear. When you start to reach the end of the game the boxes get smaller till you make it to the school Pruitt Prep (the coolest school on the planet, at least in my opinion). Once you get inside the school, the game ends and the winner gets an envelope. You want to know what’s inside? Get to the end of the game and find out!

 If I was starting this project again, I would spend more time planning the game because I felt it was a little rushed. I also think that I should have decorated it a little more because I think it looks too bland. Finally, I think I should have added more types of battle cards, like “you all start to feel like a family with you and your friends and you feel the happiest, Jim move up 3 spaces.”   

Overall, I think that it is an amazing book and game because there are twists and turns and the suspense will drive you crazy! Playing my game might even make you want to actually read the book! Thank you for reading. To the stars!


What it would it would it would be like in 2057


In the year 2057 it will look extremely different than now, there will be robots hovering cars and even floating buildings. I also think that space travel would be a lot different. For example we would have made it to another planet by then. I bet the rockets would look way different like maybe people would have invented a hyper drive by then and for those of you who don’t know what a hyper drive is, it’s sort of like an extremely powerful engine that lets you go almost as fast as the speed of light. Also maybe they won’t actually need the rockets and just the ship.


Maybe people would be cyborgs or what if we had unlocked all the power in our brain then you would be able to lift buildings. What if doctors created medicine that can instantly healed or could cure cancer at that very moment “or what if there was a robot apocalypse and they used nukes to take out the human race”! (Definitely not from a movie ;). Hopefully that won’t happen and we can all change and we could prevent it from happening. Probably it wont even happen!

15 pictures book one the ship

around a month ago I created a short story and I worked really hard on it and now I’d like to share it with the world so here it is!

1942 England

“Bang,” the door swung open and a man in a dark black coat marched into a children’s book store. The man walked up to the front desk where a short, old woman was sitting. The old woman looked up at him and said, “State your business and name”.

“My name is Harris Burdick. And I have an appointment with Peter Goodboi” he said.

The old woman pointed to the left and said, “Down the hall to the right”.

“Thank you,” Harris said. Harris walked into Peter’s office and lay down fifteen pictures that he drew.

“I love it,” Peter said. “Come down tomorrow and we can talk books”. But Harris never came.

Sixty-Seven Years Later

2009 New York

“I have had it with you Johnny,” Sara said! “You’re loud, you’re rude, and so messy! We’re done! Goodbye Johnny Burdick,” and she marched out of the room!

Johnny paced the apartment and thought to himself, he had three options. “A- Go for a run. B- Get a therapist. C- Bang it out like a maniac.” After he considered his options he picked up a bat that happened to be resting against the wall and started swinging it wildly around his apartment. He was starting to regret his decision to pick up the bat. There was just one more room to go. He got to the bathroom and swung at the mirror. It shattered into a million pieces. Mysteriously, there was a crumpled piece of paper behind the glass.

Rocket, Johnny’s cute, furry, hyper, puppy, came running into the bathroom from where he was hiding under the bed. Jonny shouted, “nooooo Rocket,” and scooted his puppy out of the messy bathroom. Then Jonny grabbed the crumbled paper from the broken mirror, walked to the living room, and sat down on the couch. Rocket jumped up on Jonny’s lap and turned his small body round and round until he found the coziest spot on his friend’s lap.

Johnny carefully uncrumpled the strange brownish piece of paper. The paper said, “Find Goodboi,” signed, Harris Burdick. Johnny sat there in amazement. He had never really known his family, but now there was a strange paper with his last name written on it. Johnny pulled out his phone and searched up the name Harris Burdick. What he found he could barely believe. The article on his phone said, “Harris Burdick, missing at 42 years old. Last seen at Peter Goodboi’s bookstore in London, England.”

Though Johnny was interested, he also was extremely exhausted so Johnny went to bed. In his dream he saw some weird things, but the weirdest thing was a white, little ball of energy in a black void. The ball said over and over, “Go to England to find the first clue, then once you’re there you’re half way through”. Suddenly, Johnny fell out of bed and woke up. It was 5:36 AM. Out of nowhere he knew he had to go to England.

6:32 AM the Docks

“One ticket to England please”, Johnny said to a woman in a blue booth with a black coat.

“Here’s your ticket and have a nice day”, the woman said.

Johnny calmly ran onto the boat and Rocket followed. Johnny and Rocket went onto the main deck. Johnny went to the rail to look out over the sea. Out of nowhere someone shouted behind him. “Can I ask you a few questions?”

Johnny turned around and saw a woman with blond hair, about Johnny’s height, holding a checklist and a tape recorder. “What did I do?” Johnny said.

“Nothing. I just want to ask you some questions about a case I’m working on.”

“Why can’t you ask someone else?” Johnny said.

“I’ve already asked everyone on this boat,” she said.

“Let me guess, you’re a reporter,” Johnny said.

“Yes I am and my name is Katie Beartris. I work at CNN”.

“Johnny,” he said.

“Nice to meet you Johnny.” Katie said,

“Ask me anything,” replied Johnny.

“Have you encountered anything weird in the last forty-eight hours?”

“Actually yes I have!”, Johnny exclaimed.

“Where did this happen?” Katie replied.

“For some reason it was in my dream. Come to think of it, that’s the reason I am on this boat.”

“Next question. What happened in your dream that was so weird?”

“Well, there was a little, white ball of energy in a black void, that kept saying over and over, go to England to find the first clue, then once you’re there you’re halfway through.”, Johnny explained.

Katie looked puzzled and said, “what do you think caused your mind to dream that?”

“Actually, earlier that day, I found a little piece of paper behind my mirror that said, “Find Goodboi.”

“Ok. Lastly, do you know anyone with the last name Burdick?” she asked.

Suddenly, Johnny gasped. Rocket started jumping on his hind and barking at his owner. Then Johnny said, “My last name is Burdick.”

A few days later, after many conversations, Johnny and Katie decided to team up to find out what happened to Harris Burdick. Of course their furry companion Rocket would be involved in every detail as well.


London England 11:30 AM

As Rocket swirled around and around on the sidewalk, Johnny and Katie hailed a black cab. One pulled over and the man inside said, “Where are you off too?”

“We’re off to Peter Goodboi’s Bookstore on Brick Lane,” Johnny said.

“Peter Goodboi’s Bookstore has been closed down for thirty years!”, said the man in the cab.

“We’ll pay you double if you get us there,” Katie responded.

“Deal,” and the cab driver started driving.

Once they got there they said thanks, paid him double, and snuck through the yellow tape surrounding the red brick building. After they were inside Johnny, Katie and Rocket searched for clues about Harris. They looked through dusty bookshelves and old wooden desks. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rocket started jumping near an old desk. Johnny went over and said, “What is it boy?”. Then Johnny saw a tiny, dusty, green button behind an old desk. Johnny pressed the button and a secret compartment in the wall, behind the desk, swung open. “Skree…”, went the secret door. Surprisingly there was another crumpled piece of paper inside the wall.  Written on it, it said “Go 25 miles east to find the secret piece.”

Although Johnny and Katie were surprised, they didn’t have time. They went to the bike shop down the street and bought a motorcycle with a mini sidecar for Rocket, and off they went to the east. Little did they know, behind the bookstore in a dark alley, there was a person with a heart of coal and a black robe. The person was meeting up with three of the most deadly assassins in London.

“I have a job for you,” the guy in the black robe said.

“What do you have to offer?” the assassins responded in low voices.

“It’s enough reward that I let you live,” the man in the black robe threatened.

“What do you need us to do?” the assassins asked.

“Bring the two people in the motorcycle that just left, to me!”

“We’re almost there!”, Johnny shouted. “It’s just right up ahead.” The three were on the speeding motorcycle. Soon they arrived at the coordinates, and there, standing in the middle of a grassy field, was a massive opening to a cave, with vines dangling down from it. Rocket, Johnny and Katie, walked into the dark cave, prepared for anything. Little did they know that the assassins were not far behind.

As it got darker and darker, they decided to turn on their flashlights. Once they turned them on, they saw what they could not take back. There were dozens of skeletons hanging on the cave walls from dangerous cliff edges. Suddenly something snapped. Everyone looked around, and then Katie saw she had stepped on some string on the floor of the cave. They realized it was a trap.

Johnny said, “Get ready to run!”. As soon as Katie picked her feet up, rocks started falling from the ceiling and they all started to run as fast as they could. They barely made it before they turned around and saw that rocks covered the cave entrance. They knew there was no turning back now. As they moved on into the cave, suddenly they saw a huge chasm, and the only way to get to the other was to jump from one dangerous platform to the next. If they fell, they knew they would drown in gushing waters far below. Johnny held Rocket, who was terrified, and Katie went on ahead. Eventually, they all made it safely to the other side of the chasm. Waiting for them on the other side, was a huge waterslide, made out of cave rock. They all took a deep breath and jumped onto the slide in the dark. When they made it to the end, they fell into a huge pool of water. Once they resurfaced, they realized that the room was glowing with the light of glow worms.

They saw the most amazing thing! A shipwreck in the middle of the cave, with a waterfall surrounding it.  They swam through the warm water to the massive shipwreck. Once they got on, they searched around the ship. Katie realized that there was light under the ship floorboards. She got Johnny and Rocket to come over, and they smashed through the floorboards with an old piece of wood from the wreck. Under the boards, they found a mysterious wooden chest. Inside the chest was a dusty, old journal. On the top of the journal it said, “Missing in Venice. Even with her mighty engines in reverse the ocean liner was pulled farther and farther into the canal.” The only other thing in the chest was another crumpled piece of paper. On it, was written, “Beware the seven chairs.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere in the background, someone said in a low voice, “Put your hands on your head and turn around.” Rocket quickly hid behind Johnny’s legs. When Johnny turned around he saw the three evil assassins. The one on the left had a fedora and a black coat. The one on the right was short and had a knife in every pocket. The one in the middle had a scar across his eye, was holding a gun and had a black bandana covering his mouth and nose.

“Who are you guys?”, Johnny said, but before they could answer, the cave started to shake and collapse. Katie realized that taking the two items from the chest must have triggered a trap to make the cave collapse.

Quickly, Johnny ran up to the guy in the middle, took his gun. Suddenly, a gap in the cave wall opened behind the ship. Johnny ran towards it. Katie and Rocket followed behind. The three assassins behind them started running as well. Katie and Rocket ran out of a small gap in the cave wall that led to the field, and Johnny was about to run out as well, but all of a sudden the assassin with the scar grabbed his leg and Johnny fell over. “If I’m going to die, I’m going to take you down with me.”, the assassin yelled. Before he could finish his sentence, Johnny kicked him in the face and ran out of the cave just in time and the three were crushed under the crumbling boulders.

Katie and Johnny agreed that they had to figure out what would happen next and they were ready for their next adventure.

The adventures of Johnny, Katie, and Rocket as they search for What happened to Harris Burdick will be continued in Book 2, Fifteen Pictures; The Curse of the Seven Chairs

Thank you for reading

Innovation day



Have you ever wondered how solar energy gets turned into electricity? That’s what you are going to learn in this blog post. Because I and my partner chose to do solar energy. We learned so much about solar energy. Solar panels are really cool. They are made up of tiny solar cells which are usually made of silicone. They are very similar to humans who are made of human cells. Solar panels are used in lots of places like rooftops, power plants, and more! Solar panels are collect solar energy and turn it into useable electricity. Solar energy is the most efficient energy on the planet. The machines used to turn solar energy into electricity do not impact the environment that much, and they don’t pollute the planet which makes them very environmentally friendly. Each solar particle is called a photon. A second way to use solar energy is to take the heat from solar radiation and use it in a bunch of different.



People are going outside a lot more because of Covid 19. So in our science unit, we are trying to take renewable energy to parks so we can have fun and not hurt the environment. There are a lot of problems in the world but this is a very big one, especially with Covid 19 which is why we are trying to fix it. Covid is bad because you can’t see family or friends and you also can’t go to some stores and restaurants. It is hard for families because they can’t see other members of their family. People who are less fortunate than us have a hard time because they can’t afford the things to keep them safe. But there are some positives about Covid. Firstly, when people get sick they can still go to school on their computer. Also because of Covid a lot of people are staying home, so places aren’t as busy so we can get around a lot faster and we can have more free time. I remember when I was about to go to Florida and I couldn’t because of Covid 19 and I was really sad because I was really excited to go.



We chose to use solar panels they are really easy to use on the tops of things or beside things. They also can be used all the time because they get energy from the sun but during the day they are also storing energy to use when there is no sun or in the winter. Solar panels are also a lot cheaper than wind turbines. Solar panels cost about $20,000 but wind turbines cost between 1. million dollars and 2 million dollars. They are also very fast and efficient. Solar panels are also very cool so, at parks, kids can be curious and when they are bigger they can look into them more and be inspired.


Our Project

 The model of our playground is in Minecraft. There is a playhouse with lights inside powered by solar panels. We have an elevator that goes up to a cool roller coaster. There is a magical zoo with upside-down animals and rainbow sheep. It doesn’t use any energy so we couldn’t use solar energy. Ther is a solar-powered ride that gets spun around by a machine, that is powered by solar panels. There is an area where you put on special boots and wings and you can jump really high and you get a boost from fans that are powered by solar energy, and you can fly down. There is also a diving board that you can jump off of and fall into a bouncy castle. There is also an entrance to the bouncy castle. The bouncy castle is blown up by solar panels. Our last ride is another roller coaster. When you ride it fireworks go off and they are very pretty.



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