Innovation day



Have you ever wondered how solar energy gets turned into electricity? That’s what you are going to learn in this blog post. Because I and my partner chose to do solar energy. We learned so much about solar energy. Solar panels are really cool. They are made up of tiny solar cells which are usually made of silicone. They are very similar to humans who are made of human cells. Solar panels are used in lots of places like rooftops, power plants, and more! Solar panels are collect solar energy and turn it into useable electricity. Solar energy is the most efficient energy on the planet. The machines used to turn solar energy into electricity do not impact the environment that much, and they don’t pollute the planet which makes them very environmentally friendly. Each solar particle is called a photon. A second way to use solar energy is to take the heat from solar radiation and use it in a bunch of different.



People are going outside a lot more because of Covid 19. So in our science unit, we are trying to take renewable energy to parks so we can have fun and not hurt the environment. There are a lot of problems in the world but this is a very big one, especially with Covid 19 which is why we are trying to fix it. Covid is bad because you can’t see family or friends and you also can’t go to some stores and restaurants. It is hard for families because they can’t see other members of their family. People who are less fortunate than us have a hard time because they can’t afford the things to keep them safe. But there are some positives about Covid. Firstly, when people get sick they can still go to school on their computer. Also because of Covid a lot of people are staying home, so places aren’t as busy so we can get around a lot faster and we can have more free time. I remember when I was about to go to Florida and I couldn’t because of Covid 19 and I was really sad because I was really excited to go.



We chose to use solar panels they are really easy to use on the tops of things or beside things. They also can be used all the time because they get energy from the sun but during the day they are also storing energy to use when there is no sun or in the winter. Solar panels are also a lot cheaper than wind turbines. Solar panels cost about $20,000 but wind turbines cost between 1. million dollars and 2 million dollars. They are also very fast and efficient. Solar panels are also very cool so, at parks, kids can be curious and when they are bigger they can look into them more and be inspired.


Our Project

 The model of our playground is in Minecraft. There is a playhouse with lights inside powered by solar panels. We have an elevator that goes up to a cool roller coaster. There is a magical zoo with upside-down animals and rainbow sheep. It doesn’t use any energy so we couldn’t use solar energy. Ther is a solar-powered ride that gets spun around by a machine, that is powered by solar panels. There is an area where you put on special boots and wings and you can jump really high and you get a boost from fans that are powered by solar energy, and you can fly down. There is also a diving board that you can jump off of and fall into a bouncy castle. There is also an entrance to the bouncy castle. The bouncy castle is blown up by solar panels. Our last ride is another roller coaster. When you ride it fireworks go off and they are very pretty.



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Today my class did an experiment on mater. What we had to do was fined out a time of substance. First what we did was fined out what happens when you add water to flour, backing soda, and Epson salt. For the flour when we added water the flour made the water soggy. When we added the water for the Epson salt the Epson salt disintegrated. Lastly when we added water to the banking soda it disintegrated but it left a bit and it made a ring around the coup. I also learned that that water ,baking soda, vitamin c , and cabbage powder together makes a Chemical reaction. in the end the substance was flour and backing soda mix together.

Two of the same

At the beginning of grade 5 I wrote my first paragraph on masks And the hook was great but I have to work on transition words.

This is a paragraph I wrote more recently



Do you think school is boring? Then you need Minecraft in your learning.

 Firstly, Minecraft improves your building skills. This is really helpful for educational projects. For example, if you need to build a mini sooka for homework you could build it on  Minecraft and the building skills that you’ll learn would be very helpful.

Secondly, Minecraft lets your imagination run free. You could do whatever you want, build a mansion, climb a mountain, fish, row a boat and even skydive. Imagination is important to develop as you grow up and help you learn.

 Finally Minecraft lets you explore the world. There is an education pack on the market where you could visit the Nasa Space Station or see DC. Obviously it would be hard to see the world in the pandemic we’re living in ,but Minecraft lets you see new things, and lets you explore different parts of the world without being there physically and still learn about them.

So school doesn’t have to be boring because Minecraft improves your building skills, lets your imagination run free, and lets you explore the world. There’s no need to fear minecraft is here.

I think that paragraph was way better I improved sentence  structure, and I like that the Minecraft paragraph was longer but I still need to improve on getting my ideas out there. Another Thing is that I don’t need to press enter that often and I forgot to put a transaction word at the beginning of the last to paragraphs. These to paragraphs were great but the next one will be even better.


First Day Of Snow

This morning I woke up and looked outside my window it was snowing! I was so excited I ran to my closet and got dressed. Then I sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen where I started eating my breakfast. Next I played a little bit of a video game then I packed my bag and went out side. Lastly me and my brothers had a snowball fight. The end




 Covid has caused people to stay inside, but no longer. Behold the mask!

Masks allow us to go to school, see friends, and wear cool designs. Covid spreads when people are not socially distancing, not wearing a mask would let covid spread like when you pour syrup into your oatmeal.  Masks protect people from spreading germs, and this allows us to meet in person and go to school. It can be lonely learning from home. It is more fun to learn at school with your friends. The mask may be uncomfortable and it may ich but it’s for you, your friends and your families own safety.